Meet Jeanette at Big Seminar in Las Vegas

by Jeanette on September 20, 2010

Big Seminar 14 will be in Las Vegas, one of my favorite cities. It’s only fitting that Big Seminar is there this year – after all, it’s the LAST Big Seminar, so we want to go out in a big way.

Last year, our host, Armand Morin, opened in an Elvis costume, surrounded by showgirls in large head-dresses and tall heels. It was quite an opening! When I asked him later is he was really singing he said “Of course I was!” and looked insulted that I might have thought otherwise. 🙂

Because this is the LAST Big Seminar (after 14 of them – that’s a long, successful run!) it’s going to be a virtual who’s who of Internet Marketing experts. I suspect if there is a name that you recognize he or she will be there!

So that comes to Y-O-U –

Are you going to meet me in Las Vegas?

There are two VERY special reasons why you want to:

Reason #1: Between now and October 1, you will save $250 on your ticket! Now THAT’S incentive! Get started today!

Reason #2: I’ve teamed up with my good friend Connie Ragen Green to offer you the BEST possible bonus package. Read all about it Our Big Seminar Bonus.


Recording Tips For Webinars and Teleseminars

by Jeanette on December 22, 2009

I just listened to the recording of a webinar I did with two other speakers. And the audio stunk!

It wasn’t the content – it was the technical aspect of it. In fact, we are going to have to re-record it before publishing the replay. That’s double work, double time – and all because some technical items weren’t done properly.

Rather than having you experience this type of extra work and disappointment, here are some tips to be sure you get it right the first time.

1. Always use a land line when hosting a teleseminar or webinar. The difference in sound quality between speakers when some are using a landline and others the VOIP is huge. In fact, even good editing can’t fix it.

The VOIP sound is tinny and often fades in and out depending on the Internet connection. While you may be able to listen through your computer, don’t chance it when you are the presenter.

2. Use a headset to keep the position and distance of your microphone consistent throughout the call. Otherwise you have sound that is loud one time and too soft the next.

3. Remove all jewelry. It clanks against the phone and you’re not even conscious of it. From dangling earrings to a necklace, all jewelry is a threat to sound quality.

4. Mute yourself when you are not speaking. This is especially critical in a multi-speaker situation.

I’ve had guests who had a side conversation, forgetting to mute themselves. Others who ate or drank while another speaker was talking. Even typing notes in the background should be done as little as possible. Just assume everything can be heard.

5. Plant someone in the audience. Nothing takes the place of live intelligence from the outside world. So ask a friend or top client to listen in and give you real-time feedback. They can use the built-in tools for your recording service or instant messenger. They’ll be your ears on the ground, hearing what your attendees are hearing and reporting back to you.

I had the luxury of learning all of this in live speaking situations where I inadvertently wore a necklace or silky material that rubbed against the microphone. So I got immediate feedback from the sound techs as it was happening.

In a remote situation like webinars and teleseminars we sometimes don’t realize the impact of small things.

So next time you get ready to give a teleseminar or webinar, do a sound check. You will be amazed at what you hear.

Dr. Jeanette Cates is an Internet strategist who works with intermediate marketers who are ready to move to the next level. She is the author of TeleseminarBasics and FirstWebinar and coaches online presenters.


Internet SuperStars – Orlando

by Jeanette on November 16, 2009

I am one of only 12 speakers who will be speaking at the Internet SuperStars conference in Orlando, January 15-17, 2010.

I’m particularly excited about this event because it is my first time to speak – AND it offers a unique learning opportunity for the participants.

You see, each speaker will present 100% content for an hour, then take questions for an additional 25 minutes. The last 5 minutes will be spent on explaining their continuing education option. So you get tons of content with a very short pitch.

THEN the speakers for the day will gather for a panel Q&A session – which is followed by the participants actually doing hands-on work on the tasks the speakers have outlined. You’ll be able to Take Action while you’re there – with help from the people who actually taught you to do it. See why I’m so excited about this?

You’ll want to register immediately. The free preview calls start Monday, November 23 – and I’m first up! Plus, as you’ll see the cost is currently at its lowest point and will start rising December 1. NOW is the time to lock in your spot for Orlando. Meet me there!


Armand Live: Orlando – December 4-5, 2009

November 16, 2009

If you’ve ever heard Armand Morin speak or teach, then you can understand why I’m excited about this. For three full days, Armand will reveal and teach his Internet Marketing strategies and secrets. The order of the topics and the length of time spent on each topic will be determined by Armand as he monitors […]

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Calendar of Events

November 15, 2009

Nov 18 Robert Plank Webinar on List Building Nov 19 Online Success Incubator Monthly Members’ Only Webinar Nov 23 Jeanette is interviewed for the Internet SuperStars Conference Dec 4-5 Armand Live in Orlando Dec 6-14 The Jim Boat membership cruise Jan 15-17 Internet SuperStars Conference in Orlando Jan 22-23 Connie & Jeanette Event in Las […]

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Webinars: What Mother Never Told You

September 7, 2009

Mother had good intentions. But webinars had not been invented yet. If she had been an experienced webinar host, she would have shared the following lessons with you.

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Expand You Business With Teleseminars

August 31, 2009

Regardless of the type of business you have, you can use teleseminars to increase your prospects and please you clients. While they are one of the most overlooked marketing tactics, they are also one of the easiest and most effective techniques you can use. So how can you start using teleseminars?

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Why Webinars Make Sense For Your Business

August 24, 2009

A webinar in an online presentation. Your attendees listen on their telephone while they watch their computer screens. It gives the same quality of information as if they were sitting in an auditorium listening to you and watching the large screen up front. As a business owner, webinars make a lot of sense. There are […]

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Teleseminars: What Mother Never Told You

August 17, 2009

There are lessons that we learn as we go. Our mothers could have told us – but we would neither have believed them nor paid attention. Instead, they let us learn on our own. In that spirit, let me share a few things I’ve learned about teleseminars.

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Teleseminars: Content That Works

August 10, 2009

One of the most frequently asked questions asked about teleseminars is, “What do I talk about?” Rephrased it is “What content sells?” Here are 5 ways to not only find something to talk about, but also find a profitable topic as  well. 1. Ask questions. Ask your potential audience what they want to know. A […]

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