Expand You Business With Teleseminars

by Jeanette on August 31, 2009

Regardless of the type of business you have, you can use teleseminars to increase your prospects and please you clients. While they are one of the most overlooked marketing tactics, they are also one of the easiest and most effective techniques you can use.

So how can you start using teleseminars?

1. Offer training sessions. You can show your affiliates how to better sell your products. Or you can answer clients’ questions on how to more effectively use a product they just purchased. In either case the recording becomes a valuable tool you can offer on an ongoing bases – as a bonus or as part of the actual product.

2. Do market research. Offer a teleseminar on a specific topic, advertising that you’ll answer the top ten questions on the topic. Let them ask questions when they register for the teleseminar. Then just answer the questions. You’ll see from the registrations whether or not there is a lot of interest in the topic. Plus the contents of the call are dictated to you by the listeners. You can decide whether or not to develop a product on the topic with these two pieces of information.

3. Add a revenue stream with teleseminar registrations. Offer at least one teleseminar per month on a “hot” topic or a *perennial* topic of interest. You can charge at least $20 for a content-filled call. In some markets, a simple call can easily be $100 – $250, although you need to research your niche to determine the best price. Be sure to add a handout for enhanced value. Even if you only have 50-100 people on the call, it makes it worth your time.

4. Offer small group coaching. You can easily handle 10-20 people on a group call. And with that level of individual attention, people are willing to pay a handsome fee. Consider, for example, a very reasonable fee of $100 per month for two group coaching sessions. Now multiply by 20 people in a group. It takes 2 hours of your time – and you’re earning $1000 per hour. Not bad for a phone call!

5. Host an open call. You can do this with an exclusive group – or a larger subscriber list. Essentially you are on the line, ready to answer questions. Anyone with an interest calls in and asks the question. Others just call in and listen, perhaps adding comments or offering an answer to a question. This tactic costs you an hour. But it really raises your level of “accessibility” in your callers’ eyes. Plus, it often triggers a product idea for you, based on the questions people are asking.

Any one of these technique can be easily implemented. Two or more combined can exponentially expand your business and enhance your bottom line.


Dr. Jeanette Cates is an Internet strategist who works with consultants and other experts who are are ready to leverage their expertise into Online Success. She offers more ways to expand your business in TeleseminarBasics.com

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