Internet SuperStars – Orlando

by Jeanette on November 16, 2009

I am one of only 12 speakers who will be speaking at the Internet SuperStars conference in Orlando, January 15-17, 2010.

I’m particularly excited about this event because it is my first time to speak – AND it offers a unique learning opportunity for the participants.

You see, each speaker will present 100% content for an hour, then take questions for an additional 25 minutes. The last 5 minutes will be spent on explaining their continuing education option. So you get tons of content with a very short pitch.

THEN the speakers for the day will gather for a panel Q&A session – which is followed by the participants actually doing hands-on work on the tasks the speakers have outlined. You’ll be able to Take Action while you’re there – with help from the people who actually taught you to do it. See why I’m so excited about this?

You’ll want to register immediately. The free preview calls start Monday, November 23 – and I’m first up! Plus, as you’ll see the cost is currently at its lowest point and will start rising December 1. NOW is the time to lock in your spot for Orlando. Meet me there!

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