Joy of hosting a teleseminar

by Jeanette on August 2, 2009

I had the pleasure this past week of hosting a teleseminar. It’s been over a month since the last one – and frankly, I’d forgotten how much fun it was!

There is something special about connecting directly with your clients. Obviously these people think enough of you to attend, so you’re automatically “among friends.” That’s a good feeling in itself. But then you get to visit some before the call, say “hi” to old friends and “welcome” to new ones. It’s that warmth.

Finally, it’s a good feeling to answer questions – share the information that seems so simple to you now – but is so critical to others getting started in your area of expertise. And those great emails you get afterwards – thanking you for answering that question or raising that point of consideration. Thanking you for your time.

So have you felt that good recently? If not, why not consider offering a teleseminar within the next few weeks.


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