Meet Jeanette at Big Seminar in Las Vegas

by Jeanette on September 20, 2010

Big Seminar 14 will be in Las Vegas, one of my favorite cities. It’s only fitting that Big Seminar is there this year – after all, it’s the LAST Big Seminar, so we want to go out in a big way.

Last year, our host, Armand Morin, opened in an Elvis costume, surrounded by showgirls in large head-dresses and tall heels. It was quite an opening! When I asked him later is he was really singing he said “Of course I was!” and looked insulted that I might have thought otherwise. 🙂

Because this is the LAST Big Seminar (after 14 of them – that’s a long, successful run!) it’s going to be a virtual who’s who of Internet Marketing experts. I suspect if there is a name that you recognize he or she will be there!

So that comes to Y-O-U –

Are you going to meet me in Las Vegas?

There are two VERY special reasons why you want to:

Reason #1: Between now and October 1, you will save $250 on your ticket! Now THAT’S incentive! Get started today!

Reason #2: I’ve teamed up with my good friend Connie Ragen Green to offer you the BEST possible bonus package. Read all about it Our Big Seminar Bonus.

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