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by Jeanette on August 10, 2009

One of the most frequently asked questions asked about teleseminars is, “What do I talk about?” Rephrased it is “What content sells?”

Here are 5 ways to not only find something to talk about, but also find a profitable topic asĀ  well.

1. Ask questions. Ask your potential audience what they want to know. A simple ASK campaign is the fastest way to get a lot of questions on your topic. It’s also a great way to judge whether or not a topic will sell. After all, if you can get people to ask questions, then you’ll be able to get them to listen to the answers.

On the other hand, if you can’t get any questions on the topic, then it is not likely to “sell” as a teleseminar topic.

Once you have your questions, then look for the themes. And turn these themes into the top ten questions asked. Given that, it’s easy to craft your sales letter to highlight the ten topics you’ll discuss on the call.

2. Watch the news in your field. You may want to set up a Google alert that keeps you informed of the latest news on your topic. Watch the discussion forums to see what people are discussing. You’ll quickly pick up on the hot topics.

Now it’s just a matter of deciding whether you want to set up an ASK campaign to get the questions or set up an interview with an expert to answer the questions. But you’ll know it will “sell”, since it’s already been identified as a hot topic.

3. Look for experts in your field and interview them. Everyone loves the idea of getting insider tips from the experts. So look for those experts you would most like to hear from and request an interview.

Most likely once you’ve settled on the topic you want to interview them on, they will send a list of questions you can ask on the interview. But don’t be afraid to ask additional questions or questions to clarify their answers. That’s what makes an interview interesting – those little nuggets the host is able to pull out of the expert.

4. Look for problems. Listen to the conversations your colleagues have to see what’s bugging them. Watch the discussion forums see what topics come up again and again. What problems never seem to be solved?

Look for solutions to these common problems. Research and find answers to present in a teleseminar format. That can even be the start of a product, based on the teleseminar.

5. You pick the topic. You’re already an expert in your field. You know what questions people ask. You know what they need to know to be successful in the field. Just list the topics, then create a teleseminar series. Your first teleseminar might be the “survey course,” which covers all of the topics at a very shallow depth. Then offer a paid series that goes into each topic in depth. Not only will you have an excellent home study course, but you’ll also be serving your clients by providing the information you know they need.
If you ever find yourself asking “what can I talk about,” just review this list for immediate ideas. You’ll never run out of topics again.


Dr. Jeanette Cates is an Internet strategist who works with consultants and other experts who are are ready to leverage their expertise into Online Success. She shares everything you need to start hosting your own teleseminars in

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